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Love Quotes Love Quotes from Dolliecrave.com
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Kahit anong husay mong makisama, hindi maiiwasang may sabihin pa rin sila sayo pag nakatalikod ka na.

20 Simple Ways to Stoke Your Self-Confidence


1. Challenge your thoughts. Identify the negative beliefs you have about yourself and challenge them. Find evidence to the contrary.

2. Retrain your brain. Negative thinking becomes a habit ingrained in your brain. Rewire your brain by intentionally thinking new and positive thoughts, even if it feels awkward at first. You will create new wiring and new habits.

3. Smile. Arranging your facial muscles in a smile actually makes you feel happier and more confident. It triggers those feelings in your brain.

4. Stand up straight. Pay attention to your posture. It makes you appear more self-confident and therefore you feel more self-confident.

5. Practice. If you lack self-confidence in a skill, practice it. With improvement comes confidence.

6. Make a list. Write down your skills, abilities, successes, and gifts. In moments of low self-confidence, you forget all of the great things about you. Write them down so you can remember.

7. Interact. Isolating yourself allows you to get lost in negative thinking. Spend time withe other people. Make yourself, even if you don’t feel like it.

8. Create boundaries. Low self-confidence often goes hand-in-hand with people-pleasing. How are you allowing someone to control your decisions or behavior? What is one thing you could do to create a boundary here and reclaim yourself?

9. Write a vision. Write down exactly how you would like your life to look if you were creating it from scratch. When you put it in writing, you have begun the process of creating it.

10. Look your best. Take care of your appearance. Dress nicely. Get your hair styled. Put on make-up. When you look your best, you feel more self-confident.

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Namimiss ko lang kung ano tayo dati.

Choco ala jad rolls (:

Choco ala jad rolls (:

Misses my long hairrrr

Misses my long hairrrr

W/ mah sibling <3

W/ mah sibling <3

Feliciano family is &lt;3 yey! Happy for you mahal @kimpoyfeliciano  &lt;&#8221;&#8220;&#8221;:

Feliciano family is <3 yey! Happy for you mahal @kimpoyfeliciano <”“”:

Love love love @tagaytay &lt;3

Love love love @tagaytay <3

Pag mahal mo ang isang tao ipakita at iparamdam mo.


Sana may katulad pa sila

Rancho ( 3 Idiots )

Kenji de los Reyes (She’s DATING THE GANGSTER)

Cross Sandford (Diary Ng Panget )

Eros ( She Died )

Paolo (Fan Girl Meets Superman )

Yung tipo ng lalaki na maaring hindi nga sila perfect , but they always want to give their very best just for their loved ones.Bakit kasi puro fictional Character na lang yung mga ganyan ngayon.May makikita pa kaya tayong someone na magmamahal saatin ng totoo. 😴😴